Hi there!

I am Dinko Jagić

I’m a Croatian based Swift Developer, Web Designer, Startup Founder, Technology Enthusiast and IT geek all in general. I am currently working on a few of my own projects that will improve lives of those around me and much more. There are so many new ideas emerging and now is the time to bring them to reality.



Next2me is first location based contextual network that changes the way we use communication and social media networks. It is developed in full by me and my team with state of the art correlation algorithm for node creating and connecting users automatically. Next era of social networking has arrived.


Crypto Chat is first digital text encryption system that prevents usage of screenshots and recordings of a private message content. It is an encryption system that will protect your messages that you don’t want anyone can save or take a screenshot of.

Table Top

We have come up with an idea to improve QoL in one little FinTech segment that allows user to pay without any kind of physical device or card. It allows single timed transaction that are timed and location restricted.

“Trying to find next big thing has always been my goal. I’ve always tried to thing outside of the box, never improving on the existing but creating something new and exciting that I would want to use or have. Revolution before evolution, exponential over linear is something I want to achive and I hope that my current project will do just that.”


– Dominic Kingsley

Featured Works





Axiom cybersecurity


Co-Founder of Croatian first social network, platform made in local language that for some short time had thousands of users who resisted mainstream platforms.

With the rise of mixed martial arts, mma-id was first social network that was designed for fighters and their fans so they could communicate in real time and platform for latest news from mma world.

With the biggest european SOC (security operation centre) in the background, Axiom was most advanced CyberSec startup.


My Story

I like to think of myself as an old school IT guy. When I was just a kid around 10 years old, I had Commodore 64 and started programming in BASIC. Continued with QBASIC, Fortan, Pascal then eventually went to C, C++. In that time, you had to know how to do everything, hardware and software related. So, adjusting IRQ, Hex and DMA ports and channels was must have. Been there when HTML 1.0 started and made first pages in Frontpage and Dreamweaver. Not to mention first .asp and more. Who could forget my first Linux distro which was Red Hat so System Administration was no problem. Now I’m focused on coding in Swift (Objective-C) and CyberSecurity but real goal is to seal everything done so far with my biggest project, Next2me.